A quick note about the Old Testament

So we’ve lately been watching some videos and reading some posts about the Old Testament feasts and traditions (if you’ll allow me to use such a dirty word) and it’s just amazing what kind of parallels you find in those practices that point to Jesus. Not just Jesus but shadows and hints at other things prophesied about in Revelation as well.

One really good example of that is this video:

It’s crazy to me to think that the idea of the feast of trumpets, that has been in place for thousands of years may be something instituted as a symbol for something that hasn’t even happened yet!

This is only one small part of some of the things we have been learning, and I hope that once we get more familiar with some of what we’re “discovering” that we can arrange these things into a comprehensible pattern and share. Maybe I’ll just need to start sharing things as we find them, to make it as fun for everyone else as is it is for us?

I may start sharing some of these things via Twitter as well so if you’d like, feel free follow me: @Robsteady


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