What To Do First?

yourwillbedoneI struggle so much lately.
With people. With myself.

The most valuable lesson I’ve been learning over the past few months is something I’ve been struggling with like crazy: to focus on my own relationship with Christ & to show love to others, meeting them where they are.

What does this struggle look like?
Jesus loved me and everyone so much that He wanted to prove to us all that He is Truth, that He is God, that He loves us and knows our hearts.  That’s the kicker there: He knows our hearts. I don’t know the hearts of others as He does.

We are told to seek His kingdom first (Matthew 6:33). We can encourage others to do so as well.  We can’t however think that we know better than others or know where they may or may not be growing or stumbling.  We need to think as Jesus did. While He was hanging on the cross to die, and through all that was done to His body beforehand, and the fact that He did no wrong at all, He didn’t look down on us or show anger towards us or hold our sins against us.  Instead He said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what we do.” (Luke 23:34) That’s what we need to have an attitude of.  Forgiveness. Everyone is seeking for answers and they/we don’t know what we do time and time again.

I sometimes wonder where others stand with God. This is not what we are called to do.  I can’t change people’s minds and hearts, only Christ can. I have done wrong in having this attitude and it is being worked on now. Today.  I can show compassion on all and try to help them, but I am not to believe that I know where they are in their faith.  I don’t.  I also don’t have the answers for everything. I can only point to Christ. May they seek Him out and may He transform us all. I am sorry for hurting people with the old mindset I once had, for I truly did not know what I was doing. I want to look at everyone for now on and know that Jesus loves them and that I must also, no matter how difficult it might be. May His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).

Pray with me:
“Our heavenly Father, I truly know that I am in need of work.  Help me to seek you out. Help me to go to your Word for guidance on my life rather than focusing on the people around me.  Show me how you love others. In your son Jesus’ name, Amen.”

  1. Tim said:

    Opening your heart like this for everyone to see is a blessing, Victoria. As we focus on Jesus, all the things that entangle us fall away, don’t they?


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